Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today was a great day for us. Jam-packed...started at 3am with Charley crying and shuffling her way into our room. Apparently, for reasons unknown to her, she got out of bed and tripped and fell onto the vaporizor. Bloodied and boo-hooing, she made it all the way to our room where I shuffled her back to her bed and tucked her in. This bawling got Edie started, but thankfully she was asleep again within about eight minutes.

The girls got up happy this morning and we had a beautiful breakfast of waffles and eggs and dressed in our "Have a Very Veggie Christmas" t-shirts. Journey Church first service was waiting and we made our way.

Alex and I helped in the 4yr old class this ayem. Seventeen of them (small class) and they were ready. The craft and snack were awesome. They all loved it. The best part, though was watching Sophie misbehaving with a classmate during bibletime. I know that seems odd...but watching naughty little Sophie laughing it up with another little girl in class was such a blessing to me. How sweet.

Worship rocked in every way. How awesome to hear at 7am (Twitter rocks)that Audrey Assad was a special guest today? And she sang my fave! Christmas music will never be the same. Will I ever get thru a service without crying?

Flash. Church is over and girls and Dad and I head to the Market. Boston Market that is. Yummy. Girls had a great time and loved getting butter from the straw from Dad. Crazy Keefes. I feel satisfied in every way.

Home again. Girls to the 'big movie' with Dad and Nana to see Bolt. Neighbor Sara and sweet daughter Angela come to make Christmas treats. What an awesome blessing. Fellowship at its finest.

Spent the evening watching AFV: a Keefe favorite. After 26 Santa falls in 35 seconds, and quite the wrestling match with Dad, girls are off to bed.

Ok...till the next time...remember that there is just about nothin' sweeter than little Edie telling me a secret....

Post One: Sunday

Well, folks, here it is....the inaugural post of the Keefe Family Blog. Here you'll find snippets of our challenges and celebrations as a family. This blog is no way intended to entertain, teach, profess, or indulge, but hopefully it will anyway. We love you all...and here's to us. ;)