Friday, February 27, 2009

Four Kites

Though the day started with us scrambling to evacuate our flea-infested home, I sit satisfied and my heart rate slowly drops to resting. Love it.

The Odyssey is loaded and, thanks to an e-mail tip from an informed Mom, the Keefes head south to Chick-Fil-A for Crazy Hat day. Five crazy Keefes, five crazy hats, five FREE meals. It was fabulous and I realize now that Edie is as persistent about hot fries as her Daddy.

From there, we venture to the Inlet, park illegally and really enjoy our chicken, fruit and fries. The weather was amazing and the wind was blowing beautifully. Four kites, three girls, and the man of my dreams.

After all kites were launched, Elmo was happily flying above, Mickey was bouncing (after two failed take-offs), and Edie's new foil kite was super high, I sat down a few yards away and just watched. I watched my man and his three girls watching their kites. Then the tears came, like the waves of the ocean before me, I was completely overwhelmed. And I looked...I looked at the four kites flying and the three girls and I missed our newest sweet baby. The sweet baby that flies high and soars freely in Heaven. But for that moment, I wanted that baby with me. I wanted to be rubbing my belly and looking forward to the sacred day in September that I would be meeting that amazing gift. But fortunately, it was a moment and as I looked east and saw those four lovely people that live with me, and I just couldn't help but feel enormous gratitude. I watched Edie hand holding the Mickey kite and the other raking the wet sand around her. I was taken aback at Charley and her eyes, watching, squinting, steering. And Soph, I watched Sophie running, jumping, evading the tide and digging her own little ditches. Each of them holds me different places. And I so look forward to the day that four little kites will be flying, high above the shore and each of those kites will have a little Keefe hand holding, directing, steering....

Thank you, Jesus, for today. Sometimes you give us wind that lifts us higher than we expect...and other times we have to run to feel just a breath. You are always present. I love you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Move Over Mary Lou

Wow. What a night. Our first time at Open Gym and Mommy's nerves were already shot at 4pm. Why? Cuz there's something about taking a certain unpredictable little girl into a certain unpredictable situation. I've done this before with not-so-grand results like big giant tears and and a runaway ballerina ...and you should have seen Soph ;). So it's been a few months and I think both of us were ready. I prayed the whole way there for an end to my anxiety and the ability to accept the outcome. The tomtom got us there at 6:33p and my little Mary Lou took to the gym like a little Chinese girl with a forged Birth Certificate. It was great. She was great. I was the typical freak Momma...with not just one camera around my neck, but two. And boy was it worth it. What a gift it was to have her big cousin, Kate there to play with, too. Thank you, Jesus. You're always better to me than I ever could be to myself.

Open Gym Admission $10
Babysitter to watch the littles $10
tomtom to get us there on time $90 (free shipping on Amazon)

Watching Big in all her proprioceptive bliss: PRICELESS

Enjoy the's my first.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Edie is Two.

We had a great birthday week for Edie this week. It was fabulous and I loved every minute of it. Edie loved it and I'm so thankful that she is here. What would our days be like without her shouting "Chawley!" at the top of her lungs and screaming "SSSSSoophie!" from one end of the house to the other. She is my precious curly girl that snuggles deep on the couch and cries louder than any other girl I've ever known. She loves flip flops; especially on the wrong feet and between her 2nd and 3rd toe. She loves macaroni and cheese and picnics in the back yard. She wants to ride a bike so badly she can taste it and wishes she could sleep in the big girls' room. She thinks she can swim. She loves Baby Samuel and Little People and bedtime prayers. She is strong willed and soft hearted and she is our Baby. Thank you, Jesus for two sweetest years and may you grant her many more.