Friday, February 27, 2009

Four Kites

Though the day started with us scrambling to evacuate our flea-infested home, I sit satisfied and my heart rate slowly drops to resting. Love it.

The Odyssey is loaded and, thanks to an e-mail tip from an informed Mom, the Keefes head south to Chick-Fil-A for Crazy Hat day. Five crazy Keefes, five crazy hats, five FREE meals. It was fabulous and I realize now that Edie is as persistent about hot fries as her Daddy.

From there, we venture to the Inlet, park illegally and really enjoy our chicken, fruit and fries. The weather was amazing and the wind was blowing beautifully. Four kites, three girls, and the man of my dreams.

After all kites were launched, Elmo was happily flying above, Mickey was bouncing (after two failed take-offs), and Edie's new foil kite was super high, I sat down a few yards away and just watched. I watched my man and his three girls watching their kites. Then the tears came, like the waves of the ocean before me, I was completely overwhelmed. And I looked...I looked at the four kites flying and the three girls and I missed our newest sweet baby. The sweet baby that flies high and soars freely in Heaven. But for that moment, I wanted that baby with me. I wanted to be rubbing my belly and looking forward to the sacred day in September that I would be meeting that amazing gift. But fortunately, it was a moment and as I looked east and saw those four lovely people that live with me, and I just couldn't help but feel enormous gratitude. I watched Edie hand holding the Mickey kite and the other raking the wet sand around her. I was taken aback at Charley and her eyes, watching, squinting, steering. And Soph, I watched Sophie running, jumping, evading the tide and digging her own little ditches. Each of them holds me different places. And I so look forward to the day that four little kites will be flying, high above the shore and each of those kites will have a little Keefe hand holding, directing, steering....

Thank you, Jesus, for today. Sometimes you give us wind that lifts us higher than we expect...and other times we have to run to feel just a breath. You are always present. I love you.


  1. Fleas??? Oh, my goodness!! How did that happen??

    And I am praying for you as you miss your 4th "kite." God bless your sweet family :)

  2. Oh Julie, you so echo my heart and I thank you that your voice is out there. I had one of those days yesterday, and the longing just took my breath away.

    It is ovulation time today and Scott wants to wait for awhile and it is SO very hard because I WANT IT NOW! :0) And I'm angry that that pregnancy was taken from me. Some days there's peace, some days there's anger.

    Just know you're not alone.